Sunday, December 28, 2008

November Recap

After a month hiatus- I'm back. I needed some time to get my priories straight and I feel I'm now in good shape to start 2009. So without further a do, back to the monthly recaps.

This is the second month in a row I've done my recap almost a month after the fact! By the time I catch where I’m falling there isn’t enough time to fix for the next month.

DH and I have some big plans for 2009 so I need to be more diligent in my review and in our spending habits (but more on that in another post).


  • Nov was the month my company's official sale took place and the month the FDIC left!
  • PTO payout from FDIC- I set aside half (about $400) to cover some Christmas expenses.
  • Year End bonus (paid out by FDIC in Nov)- I set aside all to our savings account!
  • Under the new company I got a raise as I was underpaid by their standards. Yippee!
  • Monthly income to expenses balance put us at $2,000 in the black thanks to the PTO pay out and the early year end bonus.
  • No money spent on home maintenance
  • Personal care came down $50 even though DH and I spent $135 towards early x-mas shopping.
  • Mortgage went up $10 as property taxes increased this year
  • Food outside the home needs to be cut in half still as it did not come down from last month's inflated amount.
  • Vet bills- Forest had an ear infection and annual exam/shots