Thursday, May 28, 2009

House Goals

It's time for some summer house goals! It's an ambitious list but I'd rather have stuff carry over to next year than sit on my butt playing Animal Crossing all summer!


  • Paint bedroom
  • Paint living room
  • Paint kitchen
  • Paint baseboards white throughout house
  • Paint doors white throughout house
  • Clean out the filing cabinet
  • Buy new microwave
  • Make a curtain for back kitchen door
  • Hang pictures in kitchen
  • Get new carpet for living room
  • Get new carpet for "master" bedroom
  • Get estimate for redoing the garage (roof, sheetrock, backdoor, overhead door, update electrical box).
  • Paint the rest of the "porch"
  • Power wash the whole house
  • Get outside table
  • Brainstorm for making patio next year
  • Mow and water the lawn regularly
Okay I kind of cheated with the first 3 by putting stuff I've already done on the list but technically they aren't done yet. There are 2 spots in the bedroom that need to be touched up, DH noticed some "spots" in the living room that I don't see so we have to wait for a sunny day so he can prove it, and I still have to figure out how to paint behind the refrigerator and gas stove in the kitchen without doing too much damage. Despite my video game addiction, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Time Wasters

Recently I have been addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook and Animal Crossing City Folk. It's amazing how many evenings and hours have gone by propped up in front of these two games. It is also probably why I haven't been blogging as much. Sorry mom, please forgive (and I'm still getting you Animal Crossing for your birthday)!

Normally I'm not a big fan of video games but I have found it very relaxing to escape the realities of this world to a world where I can make $8,000,000 with a click of a button or a world where I can pay off my mortgage in one day by collecting fruit and seashells.

I've settled myself in for the long haul at work. It's more of a marathon (maybe a mega marathon) than a 400 meter sprint. So I'm learning to let things go, focus on the things that matter, and smile through every meeting. I few people have commented although I think they were more suspicious in nature. But you have to laugh when the company you work for disappears over night and a new one takes over. No one knows the rules yet. You can't take yourself too seriously unless you want ulcers and I'm to young for that. I'm just going to wait a little for someone to put together the company cheat codes and post them online. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Poor Forest. He went in for his regular annual exam and found out he had a melanoma growth on his eye lid. Fortunately the vet was able to remove it and he is completely healthy otherwise, but he's feeling a little groggy and walking around like a drunken salior.

This is Forest trying to get on the couch...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bit by the Bug

With my bathroom fully functioning and brand new looking, it has motivated me to work on the rest of my house. And of course the fact that my parents are planing to come out in November is even more incentive to get the house in pristine condition before their visit.

Last weekend I finally painted the rose colored bedroom that DH swore he'd never sleep in. Not to call DH a liar but 2 years later I've finally painted in blue. It's not quite the blue I was hoping for (it probably needs at least 2 coats to cover up the pink that is trying to shine through) but I'm too cheap and lazy to do any more right now.

Here are the before and after pics-

Before bare walled and dogs allowed.

Freshly painted and no big dogs allowed (somehow Porter is still allowed in the bedroom).

Next on the list is the living room and kitchen walls. But first I have to learn how to texture the walls and cover up Forest's teething marks!