Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life’s Obstacles

I thought my biggest obstacle would be getting DH on board with the idea of saving. I was wrong. Although not particularly enthusiastic on the new focus of saving as much money as we can to pay off our loans, he gets it and is being supportive.

He’s even tolerating my request to not spend $35 for work equipment this month because we already bought stuff this month, and I want to spread out expenses. And when I had a craving for ice cream on Friday, he reminded me we are trying to save money-ice cream is not essential.

So with things going in our favor, life tested our commitment. Bright and early Saturday morning we had an emergency. As we let the dogs out this sunny morning water poured down the exterior wall of our house. Some part of our water heater plumbing has gone a muck.

A plumber on a Saturday would be expensive! With the water shut off we contemplate what to do (and fear the cost of fixing it). We’ve gone without water before can this wait until Monday?