Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yard Sale Stats

Yesterday Porter and I sat on the front porch for 6 hours during our very first yard sale. I had never done one because the thought of someone else wanting and even paying for my junk just didn't sit well with me. But I was bored, looking for something to do, and the thought of a little extra cash didn't hurt.

Hours open: 6
Hours prep: 1
Visitors: 23
Sales: 6
Largest Sale: $45
Smallest Sale: $0.50
Porter barks: 7 occurances, numerous barks
Surprise best sell: door knobs (with keys)
Suprise worest sell: books
Best time of day for sales: 10-11:30
Pages read while sitting in the hot sun: 162
Times Porter tipped over his water dish: 4
Profit: $91.50 & space in the garage

All and all not a bad day and I'd probably do it again if I got bored enough. Although I really wish someone had asked about our gas dryer because I really want to sell it. Know anyone out there looking for a great deal on a gas dryer?


Helen said...

Craigslist your dryer! Or run a quick ad in the paper.

I love garage sales, but haven't had or helped with one since I was living at home. I just never seem to have the time to plan for them, much less sit home on a Saturday to run one! :)

DEL said...

I'll probably have DH try craiglist again. We tried when we first moved and only one person responded. They wanted proof that it worked before they picked it up which we couldn't do without a gas hook up! oh well.

Fabuleslie said...

Hi, I love the stats on the yard sale! I did my first one last summer and learned a lot from it. My motivation was to purge all excess "stuff" from my life. (I'm determined to become a minimalist!) Turns out I still have a lot of junk left, but it was good to get rid of the stuff that went out the door. Enjoying your blog. Will follow and look forward to reading more.